Sides of Peso Coin: Venus Raj and Rolando Mendoza

Posted: August 24, 2010 in Talk of the Town
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Two sides of the coin …

When Venus Raj notched the 4th runner up in the Miss Universe 2010 this morning, it was like she instantly flipped the other side of the peso coin.


I know many got frustrated on how Venus answered the final question with the “major-major” thing and pointing to that as the reason why she only landed as fourth.

She only lacked in articulation at that point. But still, she deserves our applause as she had gone that far in the competition.


This is the aftermath.

It is so sad to hear that Hongkong government had released a “black alert” bulletin preventing their locals to visit our land. And I’m so disheartened to even hear that there are reported incidents already of maltreatment to some Filipinos working there.

I’d like to extend my sympathy for all the victims…the hostages, policemen, Rolando, their family, the government and the whole country.

It doesn’t really matter which side of the coin is on top or under. What matters most is how we all take our part to make both sides good.

We’re all free to express our opinion, but we just have to get the whole picture first to at least be fair in giving our own judgement.



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