Posted: December 1, 2010 in TechStuff
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I was about to log off from the net when I received the link where I can download RockMelt.

RockMelt! is a browser that was designed to help social network fanatics manage  their accounts and get centralized feeds from different sites they’re subscribed to.

Though the interface and feel of browsing seems very similar to Google Chrome, the difference is that RockMelt! has sidebars where you can manage your social network accounts (twitter and FB), syndication,  feeds, chat and see friends who are online.

I’m still messing around with this browser and looking forward to get advantage of it.

Download RockMelT! and try it yourself.

  1. bloggerokuno says:

    …tried to play one video from youtube with this browser and unfortunately it didn’t play.
    It says that this browser does not currently recognize the video format (HTML5).

    I hope the team can work it out soon as this will be a hassle for video streamers.

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