Shakey’s Page was Hacked?!

Posted: January 8, 2011 in TechStuff
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Shakey’s website seems to have been hacked and messed up their page.

At first, I thought it was just a plain joke from one of my colleagues. But when I jumped into the link, there’s really something odd on their page.

I compared two links so as to verify if it’s true or just a hoaxed “hoax” thing.  The first one is a link to the compromised page, which will direct you to the URL and landing page below:


Landing page:

On the page, you’ll see some sort of their recent posts. Notice that I highlighted two links in the screenshot above.

When you click the first link…whoala…it will open to an obscene picture of a girl. While the second link will open to this funny page below.

I tried to go then to their main website

It seems nothing wrong on the page, though I noticed that their Promotions feed box is also showing the same posts as to the said hacked page.

I don’t know if Shakey’s is already aware of this as it seems to be running on their page since January 1.

It can be funny (to some-to-many), but to the company, this can be  something serious to the security of their site.

Is this just part of their online marketing strategy? (…which, I strongly doubt)

Who knows?! I dunno…

Unless they’ve spoken and take action.

  1. M says:

    As a friend of mine said, there isn’t any fuss that’s supposed to be given for this kind of work. If they can h4xx0rz, they might as well do it with the Malacañang website.

  2. M says:

    Here’s a better link than that of the sardine girl.

    And in case Shakey’s pulls it down, here’s what it looks like via screen caps.

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